Should you cut Down or Give up Drinking Completely?

Is it really possible to cut down your intake of alcohol? Or are you kidding yourself that you can actually do it…maybe you can for a couple of weeks, but back to your old ways and habits you will surely go?

Looking at the tips list on DrinkAware reminds me of my own experiences, which weren’t very successful. I kept out of rounds, drank smaller beers, tried leaving my credit cards at home and going out with just £10 only to spend it, get home drunk find my card, go to the cash point and continue drinking till the early morning.

I set myself a 4 pint limits, but at pint 3 I felt like I was flying and the 4th went down so well that I figured a 5th would be ok. It wasn’t, then I hit 6 and probably a 7, before I was a wreck and only good for my bed.

Life only got easier when I did the hardest possible thing, giving up entirely!

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