I bet This Sounds Familiar to you all in Recovery

alcohol-consumption-advice-whats-your-poison-original-62072For years this was what kind of happened when I got home from work. Then what usually happened was that I’d move to the sofa and spend the rest of the evening there, getting up during the ad breaks to re-fill my glass of beer or Guinness. By the end of the evening I would have drunk a 4-pack without thinking, some nights a 6-pack. Most nights I’d end up asleep in the armchair like an old man, with the TV still blaring out loud in the background. I never really got much done in the evenings, never really had a chance, I was just too knackered from the drink. Having given up drinking now, I’ve since traded the beer for a cup of tea and a bottle of milk to feed the baby (How do people cope with kids and drink at the same time?). I maybe still fall asleep sometimes like an old man, with the TV on, but that is for an altogether completely different reason – one I much prefer, to raise a family in a home where there isn’t any alcohol or drunken arguments.

Before now I’d have been a useless dad, one who had a lot less love to give my child, now with the drink gone I feel more responsibility and just want to spend every waking hour with my wife watching our daughter grow up. When you drink, you just don’t see any of this. You have to give it up to see it, then believe it. This recovery is really magical. So now when I come home from work I no longer make those trips to the fridge, I don’t miss them at all.


  1. I was inspired by this blog on day one of my journey it gave me hope that there there is an end to drinking. Eight months later I can hardly believe that as a weak willed person I have achieved this . As a lifetime drinker the only time I was alcohol free was when in hospital for two weeks . Now to all at the beginning ,life just gets better without alcohol ,it is still fun to be with people and socialise , probably more so because you are aware of your behaviour . The most surprising thing to me was that my body has recovered, I can say honestly that I did not know what ‘normal ‘ felt like .
    Virtually all aspects are physically improved including relationships. I was trying to keep this short because I could go on for ages , but just to say that it is difficult at the beginning,one day at a time works for me.

    • Great to get your comments Don. Congratulations on getting to 8 months! It’s quite powerful to see the changes that appear when we give up. Good luck in the future now – keep in touch. James

      • Thanks James, this site really helped me,I hope that by adding my short experience someone else may be encouraged.

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