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Time, please: is drinking becoming as socially unacceptable as smoking?

From the Guardian newspaper, which incidentally has always been a great source of stories about alcohol, recovery and how society is possibly changing its viewpoint on it, including this article comparing the fall in smoking with a fall in drinking over the last 10 years –


For me, I was the social drinking that knew no off switch. Once I got going, there was no stopping.

Unbelievably, 1 in 4 adults in the US binge drink…

Follow this link now for more information about the Risky Drinking Series by HBO Documentary Films.


If you’re thinking of stopping drinking and are looking for inspiration have a look at Alcohol Concern as they are running the Dry January campaign. There’s still plenty of time to get involved. I can vouch for all three stats here – but according to Alcohol Concern, 79% of people who take part save money, 62% slept better and 49% lost weight.

There are loads of resources on their website, with stories from those who have taken part and gave up drinking, together with apps to help you control your drinking and information leaflets to help inspire you to do the same.

It’s not too late to join in, and if you think that it’s too late to make a start, it isn’t! :o)

No matter when you chose to give up drinking, especially binge drinking, you’ll find that you can totally transform the rest of your life.

Information Links:
Download the App

Pre-Register for 2019

Pre-register and take part in Dry January, 2019

P.s. You don’t have to be in the UK to do this, use their resources to take part where you live!


wow…that is something you wouldn’t have found even a few short years ago, a pub that doesn’t sell alcohol. The choice for non-drinkers starts to improve!

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