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I successfully gave up drinking in 2006

An Interview with an Ex-Binge Drinker

This week's post comes courtesy of an idea I had the other day after stumbling on a blog post called 'An Intimate Interview with a Recovering Alcoholic'. I thought it would be a great basis for my post today. So I put together some questions to try to reveal more about me and my drinking history in the hope really that it might help others. My blog has always been about trying to help show that it … [Read More...]

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Image showing the front cover of Giving Up Drink Daily at Flipboard

Alcoholism Flipboard Magazine Released

Today I put together a new magazine on Flipboard, filled with alcoholism news stories and articles from a wide range of sources including The Guardian, The Independent, Huffington Post, Alcohol Concern and The Atlantic. Here is the link to the magazine, I plan to continue adding articles and stories that I find that inspire [...]

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