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Jaime Lee Curtis

Inspiring Women Who Gave Up Drink For A Better Life

Jaime Lee Curtis - Was addicted to painkillers and alcohol. “Talking about the process of addiction is very difficult for an addict and an alcoholic. Talking about recovery and hopefulness is much easier for me." Kristen Johnston - Actress on ‘3rd Rock from the Sun', spent years addicted to drugs and alcohol that led to a near-fatal perforated stomach ulcer. “It’s just a wired disease that … [Read More...]

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Go Sober for October – MacMillan Cancer Research UK

Are you a drinker who wants a challenge? Then #GoSoberUK could be just the ticket for you. This is a month long fundraising event sponsored by MacMillan Cancer Support that aims to get people to stop drinking during this October, while at the same time raise funds for its charity services. There is a huge [...]

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